Conscious Body Pilates

about us

According to, a service of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, only about 23 percent of adults in the United States report regular physical activity for 20 minutes or longer 3 or more days per week.

We believe that the more space we create for health in our lives, the healthier we become. Our long-time clients have found that investing in private appointments with an experienced trainer is the most effective (and fun) way to create that space, and achieve that result.

Every feature of our business — our services, equipment, facilities, membership options, people and our network of referral partners — is designed to support our client’s investment in achieving greater health.

When people feel stronger in their bodies, they experience better results and more fulfillment in their lives. Strength for Life is our guiding philosophy.


Focused attention from our trainers reveals opportunities to improve core strength, balance and alignment.


Clients learn exercises and techniques needed to develop the mind-body connection and train correctly.


Clients experience measurable improvement during their sessions.


Our Services


Conscious Body clients enjoy a Pilates studio environment that is:


Top of the line equipment and props for Pilates, personal training and cardiovascular exercise. Ample floor space, mats, and props for guided or self-paced stretching and workouts.


The entrance to the studio is locked at all times. Key fobs allow access to active clients and staff.


We promote health and safety with regular professional cleaning, hand-sanitizers and towel service.


Warm colors, natural light, high ceilings and an open floor plan. Conditioned and dehumidified air. A private bathroom and separate shower/dressing room.


Pilates training engages your body and your mind. So we eliminate most of the audible and visible distractions commonly found at a club or a gym, like background music, cable TV and group classes. It’s not a library, though. We smile a lot more here!


Our business plan is based on attracting and retaining a small population of clients who visit the studio frequently.

Membership at CBP combines pre-paid private Pilates sessions and a variety of complimentary services, including secure key fob entry, access to our gym during non-scheduled class hours, towel service, private shower room, an elliptical trainer, and a self-service reference library of books and DVDs. Our members enjoy a convenient neighborhood location, individualized instruction, and a stress-free environment.  With the division of our studio space into two separate areas in July of 2014, members will also have access to new Barre and Group Reformer classes. We are also excited to begin hosting workshops and lectures by local experts on health and wellness. The result: an environment that supports mind-body fitness, increased health, lifelong learning, and a sense of community. We look forward to meeting you!

Becoming a member is a two step process:

Step 1: Intro visit. We schedule a 70-minute introductory visit with you for $85, plus tax. We include an assessment, a 55-minute training session and an orientation to our studio. We also use this time to identify your goals and review membership options. For Duet clients (usually partners), we recommend an individual session, but it is not required if you have prior experience and you and your partner have a similar schedule.

Step 2: Membership. Our membership packages are designed to provide a valuable and rewarding experience while accommodating your budget, commitment level, and schedule requirements.





Interested in becoming a Member? You can contact us at info[at]709core[dot]com or call 206-709-2673.