CBP clients visit the studio for private Pilates and/or personal training sessions one or more times each week. We include structured support to help clients achieve greater balance, flexibility and core strength. And we provide top-of-the line cardio equipment for clients to use anytime during studio hours.


STOTT V2 Max Reformers (x4)

Balanced Body Cadillac/Reformer

Balanced Body Chair

Balanced Body Ladder Barrel

Pilates Fitness Rings

Foam Rollers

Toning Balls

Resistance Bands

Personal Training

Dedicated Weight Training area

Stability Balls


Medicine Balls

Incline/Decline Bench

BOSU Balance Trainers

Weighted Body Bars


Pre-Cor Treadmill

Pre-Cor Elliptical

Concept2 Indoor Rower

Lemond G-Force UT Spin Bike

Class Policies

Reformer classes are limited to 4 students. The small class size makes for a far safer and higher quality workout experience for both students and instructor. 

Our class policies are meant to avoid misunderstandings and clarify how we handle situations that inevitably come up. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (206) 709-2673.


All students must have a reservation in order to attend class. Reservations and cancellations can be made through the online schedule. If you are unable to access the website or have technical problems , send an email to info@709core.com.

Same day reservations can be made if a spot is available, but we can’t promise a spot if the studio is contacted within less than 8 hours of the class. (i.e., after 9.am for a 5pm class)

We encourage students to book out classes far in advance to ensure your spot on the schedule. Once you’ve found a time and day that works well for you, book it out!  With only 4 spots in each class and our competitive pricing, we expect these group classes to fill with regular students who book out far in advance. 

Minimum Number of Students

We need a minimum of 2 students to hold Group Reformer or Barre classes. If no one has reserved a spot, the class will be cancelled on the morning of the day that the class is scheduled.

48 Hour Cancellation Policy

Reservations that are not cancelled within 48 hours will be deducted from your class package. Exceptions are made only for illness or emergencies. 

3 Cancellation Per Month Limit

A maximum of 3 early cancellations can be made per month. After 3 cancellations, all cancels or no shows will be counted against your package. 

Late Arrival to Class

We understand that work schedules, traffic, and life get in the way of us arriving on time.  You are always welcome to attend a class even if you are running late, but we ask that you do your best to arrive on time so you can warm up properly and the class can flow uninterrupted. 


If you aren’t feeling well, please cancel your class and plan to stay home. If you show up for class and are visibly ill (coughing, sneezing) we may ask you to go home and rest.  It is our responsibility to keep the environment as healthy as possible, especially for our elderly and immune-compromised clients.

Subs and Class cancellations

In cases where an instructor is unable to teach (due to illness, emergency or vacation) we will always try to offer the class if a substitute is available. If no sub is available to teach and a class must be cancelled, we will notify students with reservations as soon as possible by phone and email.  If a class must be cancelled the same day due to an instructor being ill or unavailable, a comp class will be added to your account. 

Studio Etiquette

We try to maintain a space where the feeling is respectful, peaceful, and comfortable for everyone.  The following guidelines will help us maintain a more enjoyable workout environment.

During a group class, you will get more out of it if you focus on the work. Talking before or after class is OK. Please be considerate of others who are working out.

Cell Phones
We love talking, texting, and emailing…just not during class. Please silence or set your phones to vibrate and leave them in a cubby.

Please avoid wearing perfumes or scented lotions. Lotions are slippery and may cause your hands or feet to slip on the equipment.

We hope you appreciate the care we put into creating the best class experience and workout environment possible. Thank you!

Offering on-site Pilates training is a fun and convenient way for your employees to stay healthy. With a variety of packages, services and expertise available, working with CBP is convenient and fun for you. Programs start at $995/month and are customizable based on your company’s needs. Use the contact form on this page to arrange your free consultation! 

Areas of expertise

- Beginner orientation – Pre-natal / post-partum fitness – Athletic conditioning – Injury rehabilitation / prevention


- Pilates instruction & education – Studio design & logistics – Wellness program marketing support





Instructor Opening

Conscious Body Pilates is a private Pilates and personal training studio located in Seattle’s Madrona business district. We help our clients commit to and achieve their fitness goals with highly effective training and frequent visits to the studio. We have a current opening for a certified Pilates instructor to teach private lessons on the equipment. We offer: – An inviting and equipped studio space with STOTT V2 Max Reformers (4), Balanced Body Cadillac Reformer (1), Balanced Body Chair (1), Balanced Body Ladder Barrel (1), free weights, dedicated mat area, cardio equipment and a full range of tools for core conditioning – Committed, long-term clients – many are pre-paid for sessions 3-12 months out – Options for career advancement and more teaching hours – The opportunity to focus on teaching – we take care of the sales – A collaborative environment where shared learning can take place – Opportunities for professional development, in both Pilates teaching techniques and “soft skills” – Online scheduling software – MindBodyOnline – Marketing support – via our website, newsletters, and other media – to help fill your schedule – $19,500-$45,500 per year, based on schedule Qualifications: – Consistently available at least 15 hours a week – Subject matter expertise in Pilates and related disciplines – Emotional intelligence and communication skills in relationships with clients, owners and staff – A high level of dedication to service and professionalism that keeps clients coming back – Current liability insurance and Seattle business license – or be able to obtain by start date – Certified for Chair, Reformer and Cadillac (or currently in a program) To apply, use the form on this page. Or, send your resume and a cover letter to info [at] 709core [dot] com. Please include your teaching availability and why CBP and you are a good match. Interested but not ready to apply? Please Like us on Facebook (http://facebook.com/cbpilates) so we can stay in touch!