Conscious Body members enjoY A Unique Pilates Studio Experience:



Membership at CBP combines pre-paid private Pilates sessions and a variety of complimentary services, including secure key fob entry, access to our gym during non-scheduled class hours, towel service, private shower room, and an elliptical trainer. Our members enjoy a convenient neighborhood location, individualized instruction, and a stress-free environment. The result: an environment that supports mind-body fitness, increased health, lifelong learning, and a sense of community. We look forward to meeting you!


Top of the line equipment and props for Pilates, personal training and cardiovascular exercise. Ample floor space, mats, and props for guided or self-paced stretching and workouts.


The entrance to the studio is locked at all times. Key fobs allow access to active clients and staff.

Clean Environment

We promote health and safety with regular professional cleaning, hand-sanitizers and towel service. A private bathroom and separate shower/dressing room.


Pilates training engages your body and your mind. Our space offers a quiet environment where you can focus your attention on you. 

Becoming a member is a two step process:

Step 1: Intro visit. We schedule a 70-minute introductory visit with you. We include an assessment, a 55-minute training session and an orientation to our studio. We also use this time to identify your goals and review membership options. 

Step 2: Membership. Our membership packages are designed to help our members commit to and achieve their wellness goals. We offer different packages and pricing options to meet different needs and go over this with you after your introductory session. 

Current Members 


Prospective Member